Experiencing the ever-increasing speed and complexity of life activities, people are becoming more aware of the emptiness and lack of simple joy and happiness in their lives. The necessity of filling this gap has become evident, and so the search begins.

Today’s world provides us with many avenues for our spiritual growth and personal enhancement. Recognizing that we are all part of one universal energy, we look for a way to understand it, and to develop ourselves accordingly.

To help us harness and make use of this universal energy, the mantra or potent word formula HARI OM TATSAT JAY GURU DATTA has been received by a living perfected yogi, Sri Punitachariji. This mantra is a spiritual catalyst. Coming directly from Lord Datta, this Mantra embraces and fulfills all yogas. It serves as a uniquely effective tool for self-development, connecting us onto our individual paths towards unfoldment. Peace, Self-Realization, all the knowledge of Truth, of Love and of Ultimate Mystery is accomplished automatically.