Girnar Sadhna Ashram

This ashram was established in 1973 by Poojya Maharishi Shri Punitachariji in the foothills of holy Gimar Mountain near Junagadh in the west of Gujarat (India). The ashram is situated on Dattatreya road behind Bhavanatha Temple at a distance of about one kilometer from there; ashram is connected with motor able road. Those traveling by air can reach Ju_nagadh by train or road from Ahmedabad or Rajkot. Surroundings of the ashram are very scenic. Poojya Maharishi Shri had the Darshan of Sadguru Dattatreya on a rock behind the ashram premises. Chanting of the mantra 'Hari Om Tatsat Jai Guru Data keeps on reverberating all the time here. Group prayer, chanting and meditation are held reaularly in the mornings in the meditation hall. While group chanting, meditation and satsanga with Poojya Bapushri and Poojya Maiyashri are held in the satsanga hall in the evenings.

This ashram is completely non-sectarian. Everybody, man Of woman, brahman or non-brahman, rich or poor, adherent to any religion or sect receives the same and no difference is made amongst them. All the sadhakas live together, eat together, and carry out prayers, chanting and meditation together. Sadhaka coining to this ashram need not change his Guru or Guru-nriantra. Every sadhaka in the ashram has to put in his best efforts to advance in the direction of attainment of the life's aim through progress in sadhana and meditation-a stage easily and spontaneously reached at through the chanting of the benedictory Tvlaharnantra 'Hari Om, Tatsat Jai guru Datta' along with the japa of his own Guru-mantra. Practically all types of facilities e.g. meditation kutirs, guest house, satsanga hall, meditation hall, yagyashala, cowshed, kitchen, dining hall etc. needed for carrying out bhajan, sadhana, upasana are available in this ashram It has a land area of about 55 acres.

This ashram, is administered by a registered trust and the donations given to the trust are tax free as per rules.