Shivratri Announcement

!! Hari Om Tatsat Jai Guru Datta !!!

Girnar Sadhna Ashram / Trimurti Guru Seva Trust is organizing an event this year on the holy occasion of shivratri 27-February-2014. All Saints will be served with Medical Facilities, Farali Food, Coconut water, Tea- Coffee, snacks and Ice Cream etc. for 15-20 days at Bhavnath Taleti, Junagadh. We have already provided these kind of services at Kumbh Mela, Allahbad and we are expecting same enthusiasm and support from sadhaks. Thousands of saints are expected to be served on this occasion. Volunteers are cordially invited who wish to give services like Doctors / Nurses, Cooking, Physical etc. Donor / Sadhak interested in contributing Financial Services with donations of 11,000 INR or above are also cordially invited. Please call on +91-9537769999 to nominate yourself.

Thanks & Warm Regards, Girnar Sadhna Ashram / Trimurti Guru Seva Trust