Poojya Shri Punitachariji

Life span of a saint is not to be viewed just as a story. It exemplifies how to live a happy life. Poojyashri has spent about' sixty years of his life span in assiduous sadhana and tapasya and that sadhana is still continuing. He carried out sadhana┬Čupasana of Ma Gayatri, Ma Bhuvaneshwari, and Lord Shiva in the caves of Himalaya Mountains, on sacred banks of Ganges and Narmada rivers and subsequently he moved to Girnar Mountains and continued arduous sadhana in a divine cave in Jatashankar area of this mountain. He continued sadhana for 16-18 hours a day unceasingly for many years without any obstruction whatsoever.

Sadguru Dattatreya was immensely pleased with this tapasya carried out with a resolute intention and He appeared before Poojyashri in the midnight of 15thNov. 1975 on a rock near the Ashram. It is an improbable incident in the present times, With the kind blessings of Sadguru Dattatreya, Poojyashri immediately achieved Sahajavastha, Shambhavi Avastha and Buddhatva. Sadguru asked Bapu for a boon. Maharishi Shri replied that he had no material desire left in him after the Darshan of Sadguru. On insistence, Maharishi Shiri requested Sadguru to bestow upon a technique which may enable even sad, pitiable, poor and silly along with rich and intelligent people to attain peace and happiness. Such feelings of compassion and kindness of a saint towards sad and depressed people moved even Gods, Goddesses, Siddhas and Saints and they appeared all over in th.e atmosphere. They were singing 'Hari Om Tatsat Jai Guru Dafta' in a melodious tune. Subsequently, they declared that whosoever will chant or sing this manta alone or in a group and then sit quietly and silently with eyes closed will be elevated to the meditative stage immediately and spontaneously. He will experience immense mental peace and happiness during this state. Sadguru Dattatreya said that this mantra will fulfill your desire to bring peace to the masses. Since then, Maharishi Shri and his followers are propogating this mantra. Presently, a number of centers are working not only in India but in foreign countries also where regular programs of chanting-cum meditation are taking place.

From the vely beginning, Maharishi Shri Punitachariji dedicated his life at the lotus feet of Sadguru Dattatreya and carried out sadhana. He therefore, did not join any sadhu-sect and instead continued attempting for Darshan of Sadguru. He however, respects all the sadhu-sects, meets and honors all the saints belonging to all other sects considering all of them as the images of Sadguru Dattatreya. Poojyashri says that absolute consciousness is the same in everybody, only shape, size, name and color are different. Although Sadguru Dattatreya has abandoned name and gotra, He still follows the principle of

Maune Mauni Gunini Gunawan Pandite Pandito va, Dine Dinah Sukhini Sukhwan Bhogini Praptabhogah. (He is most reticent among the reticent, Yet the most accomplished among the accomplished, For, indeed, among scholars He is the most venerable and learned; The poorest of the poor, yet of all souls He is the happiest and most contented, enjoying far more than even the most ardent of Pleasure seekers).

Similarly, Poojyashri recognizes everybody and feels the presence of same absolute consciousness in everybody. After the Darshan of Sadguru, Maharishi Shri is following the Rishi tradition as it has been indicated by Sadguru.